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Deep Neural Networks

Deep neural networks (DNNs) synergize seamlessly with behavioral AI, forming a potent framework for sophisticated problem-solving. By integrating DNNs with behavioral AI principles, we harness the power of intricate network architectures to discern and respond to nuanced patterns in human behavior.

Convolutional Neural Networks

CNNs, with their specialized architecture for visual data, excel in extracting hierarchical features from images or sequences relevant to behavioral contexts. By integrating CNNs into behavioral AI frameworks, we enhance our ability to decipher nuanced cues in human behavior.

Traditional Statistical Analytics

Traditional statistical methods provide a solid foundation for extracting meaningful insights from structured data, allowing us to identify trends, correlations, and patterns. When seamlessly integrated with behavioral AI, which excels in processing unstructured and dynamic behavioral data, this synergy enhances the depth and context of our analyses.

Machine Learning

Machine learning algorithms, adept at pattern recognition and predictive modeling, pair well with behavioral AI principles to capture and interpret complex behavioral patterns across diverse datasets.

Behavioral Laddering

Behavioral laddering, a qualitative research technique aimed at understanding the underlying motivations and values that drive individual behaviors, finds valuable synergy with behavioral AI. While behavioral laddering traditionally relies on in-depth interviews and qualitative analysis to uncover the hierarchical structure of personal motivations, the integration with behavioral AI brings scalability, efficiency, and broader applicability to the process.

Big Data Analytics

The convergence of big data analytics and behavioral AI represents a potent alliance that revolutionizes our ability to derive meaningful insights from vast and diverse datasets related to human behavior. Big data analytics, with its capacity to process and analyze massive volumes of structured and unstructured data, sets the stage for comprehensive exploration of behavioral patterns.

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Why Choose M42?

We look a data differently. Data isn’t just zeros and ones. There are human characteristics to it. It ebbs and flows. It reacts. It feels. It sees. Coming to this realization helps to look at data from a human perspective and feel. This allows us to understand the data in a truer, more intelligent nature.

Better Industry AI

M42's Psychometric AI™ specializes in analyzing behavioral characteristics, allowing it to pinpoint outliers more effectively within Big Data. Our algorithms offer a powerful toolkit for understanding, predicting, and influencing human behavior, with applications across various domains to enhance decision-making, efficiency, and user experience.


Securing success in today's market requires a strategic focus on cost reduction and the direct allocation of savings to your bottom line. Our Psychometric AI™ plays a pivotal role in minimizing these costs, offering an effective solution for enhanced efficiency and financial optimization.


Ensuring the security of your data is our paramount concern. We implement robust measures and cutting-edge technologies to safeguard your valuable information from unauthorized access, ensuring confidentiality and integrity.

It's about time!

The current availability of tools such as Big Data and AI presents unprecedented opportunities that were once beyond reach. Embracing these tools within the industry is crucial to maintaining a competitive edge, and our Psychometric AI™ can play a pivotal role in keeping you ahead of the curve.

Our Partners:

Camp Cowboy

Camp Cowboy is firmly focused on military families pursuing wellness and balance provided with equine activity-based lifestyles. We believe through equine based experience, education, and knowledge a vast multitude of “life’s scars” can be overcome, allowing for a reconnected, well-balanced life change for those in need.

Daisy Intelligence

Daisy is an AI software company providing explainable Decisions-as-a-Service (eDaaS) to retailers and insurers, elevating the role of people in the workplace, helping them make smarter operational decisions.

Skull Games

Skull Games is an event where vetted volunteers crowdsource the collection of open-source intelligence (OSINT) to provide law enforcement with leads on trafficked victims and persons of interest.

Arcadia Cognerati

Arcadia Cognerati is a service provider specializing in assessing, developing, and conducting training and education to address urgent safety and security needs in some of the most challenging environments on the planet.